FlexRock Coatings Roofing Solutions
FlexRock Coatings Roofing Solutions


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3X More Adhesive FlexRock Roof Coating System

FlexRock Coatings’ proprietary coating solutions are perfect for commercial or residential flat roofs in need of some TLC.

With 3X the adhesion power as other coatings on the market today, our roof coating is strong enough to last decades,

Our Unique FlexRock Roof Coating System is:


3X Stronger

Durable and Longlasting

Ideal for Heavy-Duty Roofs

We’re confident your clients will be pleased with their newly revitalized roofing system when they can’t afford full replacements!

Embrace Sustainable Roofing Solutions

FlexRock Coatings FX-100 is a plant-based product which is virtually odorless and offers impressive sustainable qualities.

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FlexRock Coatings Roofing Solutions

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Introduction to FlexRock Roof Coatings™

The FlexRock Coatings™ beat all traditional coatings hands down on durability, turnaround time, and cost. The FlexRock system is engineered to give the best performance with its natural and unsurpassed adhesion and elastic qualities. All of this with a product that is eco friendly.

Watch this video to see what makes FlexRock Coatings™ so unique. It’s stronger than concrete and stronger than epoxy.

Thicker is better, 10x thicker

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